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1919-29 - The Twenties
1930-39 - The Thirties
1939-46 - The War Years
1947-49 - Post War Depression
1949-57 - The Reign of King John
1957-63 - From Charles to Revie
1961-75 - The Revie Years
1975-82 - The Downward Spiral
1982-88 - The Dark Years
1988-96 - The Wilko Years
1996-04 - The Rollercoaster Ride
2004-17 - Down Among The Deadmen
2018-22 - The El Loco Era: Back Where We Belong
2022-24 - Marsch back to the Championship
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Leeds City Player Details:

This statistics section is designed to give an indepth look into the full match details of Players of Leeds City. It gives full match details of all Competions recognised by the Football League and Wartime fixtures and details of the Leeds City teams which took part in those games.

The Players' statistics cover all Players who have taken part in those recognised competitive game for Leeds City. The details supplement the existing Player Profiles and are hyperlinked to them as "Player Details" on those Profiles.

I would like to thank Paul Gregson for his excellent graphics and WAFLL and Dave Tomlinson of The Mighty Mighty Whites for their assistance in the project.

This project has now been finalised but if anyone has any contributions, requests, suggestions or corrections please contact me on HistoryofLeedsUnited@hotmail.com

Leeds City PlayersLeeds City War-time guests

George Ackerley

George Affleck - Leeds City

George Affleck

N. Arkle - Leeds City

Jack Allan

Simpson Bainbridge - Leeds City

Tommy Astill

Fred Baines - Leeds City

Simpson Bainbridge

Bob Barnshaw - Sheffield United

Billy Bates

Cpl P.J. Barrett

Hugh Berens

Arthur Bavin - Lincoln City

Fred Blackman

Tom Bennett - Newcastle United

Adam Bowman

Tommy Booth - Newcastle United

Harry Bridgett

Bill Bradley - Newcastle United

Harry Bromage

Charlie Buchan - Sunderland & England

Tom Broughton

Joe Cartwright - Manchester City

Jimmy Burnett

Tom Cawley - Leeds City

Alex Campbell

Cpl Chard

Andy Clark

Fred Clipstone - Northampton Town

John Clarkin

Walter Cook - Leeds City

Bill Clay

Charlie Copeland - Leeds City

Charlie Copeland

Bob Cowen - Leeds City

Bob Cowen

Fred Croot - Leeds City

Alec Creighton

Tom Curry - Newcastle United

Fred Croot

J. Davison - Newcastle United

Stan Cubberley

George Dawson - Preston North End

George Cunningham


Tom Cunningham

John Dunn - Leeds City

David Dougal

John Edmondson - Leeds City

Joe Dougherty

W. Feathers

Tom Drain

Mick Foley - Leeds City

John Dunn

Ernie Goodwin - Leeds City

John Edmondson

Harry Gough - Sheffield United

Joe Enright

Cpl W. Grant

George Fenwick

Tom Hall - Newcastle United

Jock Ferguson

E. Hampson - Northampton Town

Mick Foley

John Hampson - Leeds City

Jimmy Fortune

Tommy Hampson

Jimmy Freeborough

Walker Hampson - Burnley

Jimmy Gemmell

Billy Hampson - Newcastle United

John George

Bob Hewison - Newcastle United

Andy Gibson

Billy Hibbert - Newcastle United & England

Billy Gillespie

Edward Hudson - Manchester United

Ernie Goodwin

Fred C. Hudspeth - Newcastle United

Joe Green

Jimmy Hugall - Clapton Orient

Dickie Guy

Bobby Hughes - Northampton Town

Billy Halligan

F. James

Ted Hamilton

Bill Jennings - Notts County

Jock Hamilton

A. Kaye

John Hampson

Billy Kettle - Leeds City

Fred Hargraves

Billy Kirton - Leeds City & England

John Harkins

Tommy Lamph - Leeds City

Alf Harwood

G.D. Lavery

Frank Heaney

George Law - Leeds City & Scotland

Jimmy Henderson

Fred Linfoot - Leeds City

Tony Hogg

Herbert Lounds - Gainsborough Trinity

Tot Hopkins

W. Malcolm

Jimmy Horsley

Tommy Mayson - Grimsby Town

Gordon Howard

W. McCreadie

Tom Hynds

Bert McLachlan - Aberdeen

John Jackson

Billy McLeod - Leeds City

Bob Jefferson

Harry Millership - Blackpool & Wales

Garnet Johnson

Billy Moore - Sunderland & England

John Johnson

John Pattison - Hull City

Sam Johnson

Jack Peart - Notts County

Dickie Joynes

Arthur Price - Leeds City

Harry Kay

Dickie Roberts - Leeds City

Chris Kelly

Alfred Robinson - Blackburn Rovers

Jimmy Kennedy

Stan Robinson - Bradford Park Avenue

Gerald Kirk


Billy Kirton

A. Rutherford

Tommy Lamph

W. Rutherford

Jack Lavery

E. Scott

George Law

Ivan Sharpe - Glossop North End

Val Lawrence

Harry Sherwin - Sunderland

Fred Linfoot

Jack Smelt - Rotherham County

Evelyn Lintott

A. Spratt - Sheffield United

Herbert Lounds

Clem Stephenson - Aston Villa & England

Tom McAllister

Jimmy Stephenson - Aston Villa

Edward McDaniel

Charlie Sutcliffe - Leeds City

Jock McDonald

Levy Thorpe - Burnley

Willie McDonald

Bill Toms - Eccles Borough

Billy McLeod

Sandy Trotter - Ashington

Jack McQuillan

Clem Voysey - Arsenal

Harry Millership

Arthur Wainwright - Leeds City

Joe Moran

Fanny Walden - Tottenham Hotspur & England

Charlie Morgan

Willis Walker - Leeds City

John Morris

A. Wigglesworth

Dickie Morris

John Williamson - Sunderland

Tom Morris

Andy Wilson - Middlesbrough & Scotland

Tom Mulholland

Willie Wilson - Heart of Midlothian

Leslie Murphy

David Murray

Willie Murray

Tom Naisby

George Page

Fred Parnell

Harry Peart

Bert Pickard

Arthur Price

Haydn Price

Dick Ray

Dr Cecil Reinhardt

Webb Richardson

Hugh Roberts

Jimmy Robertson

Tom Rodger

Alf Rothwell

Billy Scott

Ivan Sharpe

Billy Short

Harry Singleton

Jimmy Speirs

Colin Stockton

Harry Stringfellow

George Swift

Bill Thomas

Jimmy Thorpe

Jim Tildesley

Tom Tompkins

Neil Turner

Wilson Wainwright

Fred Walker

Willis Walker

Jock Watson

Bob Watson

Jack White

Jack Whitley

David 'Soldier' Wilson

Tommy Wilson