Date: Wednesday, 1st September 1920.

Venue: Elland Road, Leeds.

Competition: Second Division.

Score: Leeds United 1 South Shields 2.

Scorers: Leeds United: Armitage. South Shields: Woods (2).

Attendance: 16,958. Receipts: £1,016


Leeds United: Down; Duffield, Tillotson; Musgrove, Baker, Walton; Mason Ellson, Armitage, Lyon, Best.

South Shields: Unknown

Referee: Unknown


This was Unitedís first home game. Len Armitage was credited with scoring the first Football League goal for United. In the official History of Leeds United it credits the goal to Jack Lyon following a centre by Len Armitage and as I did not attend the game I cannot confirm or deny either claim, however newspapers of the day give the goal to Len Armitage. South Shields showed no respect for their hosts and scored twice to be the first team to leave Elland Road with both points.




This was the team that played the second-ever Football League game for Leeds United and their

first-ever game at Elland Road against South Shields.

Back Row: Bert Duffield (2), Arthur Tillotson (3), Billy Down (1), Jack Lyon (10), Matt Ellson (8).

Middle Row: Robert Musgrove (4), Jim Baker (5) Captain, Jimmy Walton (6) Jerry Best (11)

Front Row: George Mason (7) Len Armitage (9).


South Shields FC 1919-20:

Back Row: W. Dodds (Director), J. Gibbons, E. Hoffman, R. Rigby (Director).

Middle Row: J. Tinn (Secretary/Manager), A. Maitland, W. Hampson, R. Frith, E. Stothard,

W. Cresswell, T. Smith.

Front Row: G. Keenlyside (Captain), H. Woods, J. Bell, H. Wilson, H. Higgingbottom.




Len Armitage scorer of†††† Or was it Jack Lyon?

the first-ever Leeds goal